'Shooting Sex’ was published in a limited edition of 3000 copies for the UK market and 2500 for Europe and USA.


Carlos Clarke moves seamlessly between worlds in his quest for the perfect erotic image. His book reads like a rock star’s memoir or a ‘How To’ manual for unbridled shagging.

- Lynne Gentle. Soloarte Magazine


Shooting Sex - the definitive guide to undressing beautiful strangers, is a bible of an artist's legacy, both personal and professional. It is page after page (177 gorgeous pages, to be exact), of essays and photographs, memories and musings. This book has put Bob Carlos Clarke at the top of my list of favorite photographers. He has an eye for glamour and beauty that is refreshingly unique: rich and honest, sexy and alive. The images are often raw and voyeuristic, but always striking and fantastic. Bob Carlos Clarke's work is what good photography should be. Shooting Sex is not what the title suggests, but rather a journey through the years of one of the most gifted photographers who has ever blessed us with his work. This is one of the finest coffee table books you will ever find, so go find one now!

- Terry Osterhout


Best art/photo/girl book of the decade. With Groucho's wit and the eye of Vermeer on acid - Bob Carlos Clark is a bracing wake up call and inspiration - a delightful find for me.

- Henry Czuprinski


Bob has produced a hefty autobiographical picture book. It is packed to bursting with the raunchy photographs that have made him famous, and these are interspersed with a vivid text that spices flash-backs through his life and career with questions and ideas about the medium of photography. A lively book with pace and punch - and not for the faint-hearted!

- Philippe Garner


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