The Observer Death of a Playboy The Naked Truth About Bob Carlos Clarke
Saturday Times Magazine Marco Pierre White Breaks The Mould Bob Carlos Clarke changed the face of cookery publishing
TBS - The Broadsheet Shoot To Thrill An iconic photographer challenges the heart and the head
GQ Spain Legendary The Legendary Irish photographer opens his first
exhibition in Spain
Total Digital Photography The Doll Maker Famed for his dramatically sexy fetishish portraits of rubbber clad dominatixes, Bob Carlos Clarke describes himself as 'enslaved to sensuality'
Steal Life Seductive World Bob Carlos Clarke's photography is synonymous with women. Over his long career he has photographed some of the world's most beautiful examples and still has a queue at his studio door. If you were to ask every man what their dream job would be you'd quickly hear Bob's job sited alongside rock star and astronaut.
British Journal of Photography More than girls In the cut-throat world of professional photography, Bob Carlos Clarke is the King of Survival. Jon Tarrant delves inside the mind of the master of reinvention.
Professional Photographer Selling with Sex Sex is a potent tool for advertisers, as Bob Carlos Clarke can testify. He tells Terry Hope about some of the campaigns that he's been asked to tackle over the years.
Soloart Magazine Tits, Ass & Class Elegantly handsome and acerbically erudite, photographer Bob Carlos Clarke would be equally comfortable at the helm of a yacht moored in the Med, or ensconced at a table at the Spearmint Rhino with a birds-eye view of a freshly Brazilian waxed nether-region.
The Caterer "Bob Carlos Clarke's magnificent black and white prints" Marco Pierre White (MPW) redrew the boundaries of what was considered fine dining in the UK in the mid- to late 1980s. He was super cool. Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, Jim Morrison in the Doors, and Sonny Corleone in The Godfather: they were all cool, but MPW was the coolest.



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