Love-Dolls Never Die.

This rare and collectible Carlos Clarke publication was made specifically for the London opening of Bob's 'Love Dolls Never Die' exhibition in November 2004. Bound in a vibrant pink vinyl with a faux-crocodile finish, the edition was limited to just 300 copies.

'Love Dolls Never Die' is a sexy, tongue-in-cheek view of the current volatile relationship between the sexes with glossy photographs and a witty text by Bob Carlos Clarke.

"Love-Dolls" is about the approaching time when real women become too mad, bad and dangerous to know, and love-dolls get real enough to love. One day it may even become impossible to see the difference, and, by the time you do, it may be too late.

This isn't for men who still believe they can control women, its for the rest of us, who know the game is up.


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